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For Information on Sponsoring


Sponsor a Child

For $50 a month you can help create opportunities for a child that were previously unavailable to them. You can give a child the chance to dream of a better future not only for them but also for their families and their villages.

The children at Imparting Smiles come from the rural areas of Cambodia. Their villages have no schools above 3rd grade. Clean water and food are a constant concern and most families spend their time trying to find enough to keep going. Malaria, dengue fever and malnutrition claim the lives of hundreds of children every year in this area. Most of these kids have lost at least one immediate family member to the hard jungle life.

On top of these hardships these children are often at risk of being sold or tricked into slavery. By supporting a child you will be helping to ensure that they have food and clean water and that they will be receiving an education far beyond what they could ever have hoped for in their villages.

Many older children come to the center to learn because they were unable to attend school when they were younger. We have children from seven years to 19 years old. Please indicate what gender and age you would prefer to support. If you have no preference we will gladly connect you with one that needs your help. Please commit to support them not only financially but also in prayer and encouragement.

Imparting Smiles is committed to helping these children continue to study as far as their dreams take them. It is our hope that sponsors who partner with us will make that same commitment towards seeing these lives changed.

If you would like to sponsor a child, please send an e-mail to
and indicate any preferences you may have.